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Coaching Mentorship with 2 Strong Coach Graduates — The Bledsoe Show #135

In this episode Mike, Ben and Jeff dive into strength and conditioning techniques. They talk the Mase community tribes and Ben and Jeff’s experience going through the The Strong Coach . You’ll learn how to play in your workouts while still getting...

Finding Your Authentic Self Through Physical Movement – What We Can Learn From Competitive CrossFitter, Surf instructor, Firefighter, and Coach Vanessa Lambert — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #16

Ashleigh chats with Vanessa Lambert, co-founder of Bee the Wellness, a health coaching and luxury healthy adventure retreat business, about her varied and eclectic background in fitness ranging from gymnastics to competitive surfing to CrossFit to...

How to Beat Tia Claire Toomey and Building Power Abs with Kari Pearce, Anders Varner, Doug Larson, and Kenny Santucci – Barbell Shrugged #396

With a competitive gymnastics background, Kari Pearce began training at New York Health and Racquet club where she met a powerlifting coach and did her first competition. While she was preparing for my competition, the owner of CrossFit SPOT...

Dieting and Macros with RP Strength — Real Chalk #76

A super informative conversation on dieting and macros with the owners of RP Strength. These guys are pretty world renowned in the online diet and training space. In fact, it would be a little weird if this is the first time you’re hearing their...

Why Snatching 225 (135) is the Gold Standard For Strong — Barbell Shrugged #395

In this episode of Barbell Shrugged we talk about when to snatch during the One Ton Challenge, why you don’t want to be too fired up for the snatch, technique tips for the snatch, fine tuning your set up, the “ah ha” moment during the snatch...

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