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Real Chalk  — The Reset Button w/ Joe Di  — 28

 Joe Di Stefano, CSCS, RKC — “Joe D.I.” as he is referred, is an international speaker, fitness expert, entrepreneur and coach. Joe is the Director of Sport at Spartan Race, the world’s leading obstacle racing organization. He is...

The Bledsoe Show w/ Mind Pump: 100 Years in The Fitness Industry Examine Modern Lifestyle #78

 Mind Pump is an online radio show/podcast that has been described as Howard Stern meets fitness. It is sometimes raw, sometimes shocking and is always entertaining and informative. The hosts, Sal Di Stefano, Adam...

Light Your Ass On Fire w/ Bent Knee Hip Extensions – TechniqueWOD

Bent Knee Hip Extensions on a GHD are money. Such a good exercise for terminal hip extension (and hip hyperextension) and glute development. Nobody wants a flat ass! Easy setup. Just need a GHD and some kettlebells. Only real trick is figuring out...

The Strong Coach  — Prologue

 The Strong Coach is a show hosted by Mike Bledsoe, where he uncovers what truly separates the good from the great. A collection of interviews with experienced coaches, who share what sets them apart, abd advice for the...

Feed Me Fuel Me  — Committed to Change w/ Taylor Dayne Loyd  — 91

 Taylor Dayne Loyd is owner of TDLFIT and co-owner of Iron Greenhouse. She has been coaching boxing for 8 years. She is USA WEIGHTLIFTING Certified and has her Precision Nutrition Cert. Taylor competed in bodybuilding...

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