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Snatch Pull Downs — Weightlifting — TechniqueWOD 144 w/ Doug Larson

Snatch pull-downs are great for refining your technique as well as building position specific strength. They’re also interesting because they bring in the eccentric portion of the movement. This gives your muscles more time under tension as well as...

Lessons Training with Rich Froning w/ EZ Muhammad  — Barbell Shrugged #348

 Elijah Muhammad, a.k.a EZ Muhammad, is a professional CrossFit athlete, a 2x CrossFit Games Athlete, and Owner of CrossFit Unorthodox. In this episode, we talk about olympic lifting technique for tall athletes...

Hermonia w/ Jill Petersen  — Feed Me Fuel Me #109

 Continuing our series of badass females on Feed Me Fuel Me, is Jill Petersen, founder of Hermonia. Jill has been on journey of personal growth and development for some time now. As she would grow to find, the path to...

Deadlift 500 and Run a 5 Minute Mile in the Same Day w/ Hunter McIntyre  — Barbell Shrugged #347

 Hunter Mcintyre is Pro Endurance Athlete, Broken Skull Champion, BoundlessTV co-Host, Obstacle Course Racing Champion, and a Macho Man. With his unique catchphrase, “biceps win races”, Hunter strikes a brilliant...

The Inspiring Story of a WWE Superstar and Serial Entrepreneur w/ Natalie Eva Marie  — Real Chalk #45

 I’ve been friends with Natalie Eva Marie and Jonathan Coyle for years, and it’s unbelievable how much these two do. They’re some of the coolest people I know, and yet they’re still down to earth enough to send me a text...

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