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The Brand X Method: Fitness For Future Generations And Coaching Kids — The Bledsoe Show #121

In 2004, Jeff and Mikki Martin imagined a better future for youth and began working toward that future by developing the original strength-and-conditioning program specifically designed for kids. Almost 15 years later, they continue to do what’s...

Risking it All for a Simpler, Happier Life: Valentine Thomas On Why She Quit Her Job As A Lawyer To Become A Professional Free Diver, Spear-fisher and Conservationist — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #2

Canadian-born Valentine Thomas is a trained lawyer who worked in finance in London for six years before leaving it all to travel the world and spread the word about eating and fishing responsibly. She’s a Freediving Instructor with PADI...

Mat Fraser: Hard Work Pays Off — Barbell Shrugged #377

Mathew Fraser is an American professional CrossFit Athlete. With a coined mantra of “Hard Work Pays Off” (HWPO), he has been a dominant force on the CrossFit Games stage since the beginning of his career defining a legacy in the sport. In 2014, his...

Some Crossfit O.G. Talk W/ Blair Morrison And Ben Alderman — Real Chalk #62

I’m teaming up with two CrossFit OGs for this episode, comin’ atcha from Wodapalooza weekend! As veterans of Regionals, the Games, podcasting in the fitness community, gym-owning, and everything in between, Blair and Ben need no...

How To Accept Chaos And Develop A Practice With Dr. Matt Kreinheder — The Strong Coach #15

Dr. Matt Kreinheder is a transformational healer, speaker, and coach. He has a doctorate in chiropractic, a master’s degree in acupuncture and has professionally written for publications all over the globe. Dr. Matt has been trained at the...

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