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How to Stop Outsourcing Your Health to Doctors, Understand Gut Bacteria, and the Importance of Mushrooms to your Diet w/ Adam Ian & Christina Afentoulis from Elemental Wizdom  — The Bledsoe Show #108

 Adam Ian is an herbalist, educator and successful entrepreneur with twenty seven years experience in the natural products industry as an herbal formulator and Director of Operations for multiple...

Intentional Quarter Squats — TechniqueWOD 147 w/ Doug Larson

Yes, full range of motion squats should be done the vast majority of the time, and are the most bang for your buck in most situations. That said, intentional quarter squats can be very useful for breaking thru a strength plateau (you’re training...

How to Gain 10 Pounds of Lean Mass, Intermittent Fasting, Supplements, and Eating for Performance w/ Anders Varner & Doug Larson  — Barbell Shrugged #354

 This is a special episode, where Anders Varner and Doug Larson talk about eating for performance, eating for mass gains, cutting weight for weightlifting and MMA, supplements for lifestyle and performance...

Losing A Father and Learning Forgive Doesn’t Mean Forget w/ Kory Cook  — Feed Me Fuel Me #112

 Before Kory Cook launched Korporate Wellness, he was tested numerous times. Life attempted to derail him or test his commitment in every way imaginable. The greatest test came by way of his father leaving him and his...

AMRAP Mentality for Fitness, Business, and Personal Success w/ Jason Khalipa  — Barbell Shrugged #353

 Jason Khalipa is a former CrossFit Games world champion, author, and lifelong competitor. Jason is also the CEO and Founder of NCFIT, a global company aimed at making fitness effective, fun, and accessible...

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