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Friendships Forged Through Suffering, Sensory Deprivation Training, and Learning w/ Josh Trent  — Barbell Shrugged #356

 Josh Trent is the founder of Wellness Force & Wellness Force Media. As a top-ranked iTunes host of the Wellness Force Radio Podcast with over 15 years in the health and wellness industry, Josh leads...

Corpsman Up w/ Jessica Woods  — Feed Me Fuel Me #113

 When Jessica Woods came to CrossFit PHX life was not going her way. Back in Arizona and going through divorce, she was lost in a fog of indecision. It took almost a year to get back on her feet. Along the way, she...

Why CrossFit isn’t a Great Way to Get Fit, Joint Friendly Strength Training, and Being a Certified Nice Person w/ Ben Bruno  — Barbell Shrugged #355

 Ben Bruno lives and trains clients in West Hollywood, California. He’s known as a celebrity trainer, who helps some of Hollywood’s biggest names get in shape, including Justin Timberlake and Kate...

Finding Purpose in Prison w/ Eric Bassett  — Real Chalk #49

 Eric Bassett is the brain behind EB30X, a 30-minute workout that changes lives. His brick-and-mortar gym is located in Illinois, but he trains people around the country and he won’t turn anyone down no matter what...

How to Stop Outsourcing Your Health to Doctors, Understand Gut Bacteria, and the Importance of Mushrooms to your Diet w/ Adam Ian & Christina Afentoulis from Elemental Wizdom  — The Bledsoe Show #108

 Adam Ian is an herbalist, educator and successful entrepreneur with twenty seven years experience in the natural products industry as an herbal formulator and Director of Operations for multiple...

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