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Kettlebell Bent Press  — Overhead Strength — TechniqueWOD 140 w/ Doug Larson

Barbell overhead pressing gets old. There are many other ways to get stronger overhead. Having truly strong and stable shoulders means being strong and stable in a variety of positions using a variety of different tools and exercises; bodyweight...

Barbell Shrugged  — The Athlete’s Voice on the 2019 CrossFit Games  — 340

 Jen Smith, Jessica Griffith, and Cassidy Lance-McWherter are all pro CrossFit athletes, who recently won the 2018 Granite Games Female Pro Team division.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jennifer Smith (@jensmith008)...

Building A Badass — Activating My Dreams Into Reality — 4

 I was never a competitor, ever, or so I believed. “I just didn’t have it in me” because someone else told me so. In this episode of Building A Badass, I walk you through how I stopped listening and believing other peoples limitations of myself...

Feed Me Fuel Me  — Morning Chalk Up w/ Justin Lofranco  — 105

 Justin LoFranco has a beautiful mind when it comes to community relations. If his career on the campaign trail in a previous life is any indication, some would say he’s a master. However, as many before him discover, the world of politics is...

Barbell Shrugged  — Paleo for Performance w/ Ashleigh VanHouten  — 339

Ashleigh VanHouten is host of Paleo Magazine Radio podcast, writer for Paleo magazine, and a Primal Health Coach who divides her time between Ottawa, Canada, and New York. Ashleigh is also a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert and has her CrossFit...

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