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The Man, The Myth, The Mushroom: Storytime with the Founder of Four Sigmatic, Tero Isokauppila  — Real Chalk #50

 Tero Isokauppila knows more about mushrooms than you ever thought possible, and he breaks it all down in ways that the average human can understand. (Don’t want to be an average human? Start drinking mushroom coffee.)...

How Adaptogens Increase Sex Drive, Ice Baths and Saunas, and Developing Mental Strength w/ Kai Van Bodhi  — The Bledsoe Show #109

 Kai Van Bodhi is a pioneer in the field of holistic medicine, integrating both ancient alchemy and modern neuroscience into a complete and accessible pathway to unlocking human potential. Kai is...

1 and a Quarter Squats — TechniqueWOD 148 w/ Doug Larson

One and a quarter squats are a great way to get more time under tension “in your sticking point”. If you’ve been squatting for a long time and getting bored and/or have hit a strength plateau, then switching it up with a variation of traditional...

Friendships Forged Through Suffering, Sensory Deprivation Training, and Learning w/ Josh Trent  — Barbell Shrugged #356

 Josh Trent is the founder of Wellness Force & Wellness Force Media. As a top-ranked iTunes host of the Wellness Force Radio Podcast with over 15 years in the health and wellness industry, Josh leads...

Corpsman Up w/ Jessica Woods  — Feed Me Fuel Me #113

 When Jessica Woods came to CrossFit PHX life was not going her way. Back in Arizona and going through divorce, she was lost in a fog of indecision. It took almost a year to get back on her feet. Along the way, she...

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