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Real Chalk  — Creating Better Content w/ Duke Loren  — 41

 This episode is going to educate you on creating better content for your business or social media streams. Duke Loren, a professional photographer for CrossFit HQ, dives into the smallest most budget friendly ways to get...

The Bledsoe Show — Charles Clay: From Pain to Purpose — 100

 Charles Clay is an alchemist dedicated to raising the vibration of this planet by empowering life-lovers to heal themselves! His mission to help people understand and heal aches, pains and injuries, so...

Kettlebell Windmills  — Core Training — TechniqueWOD 139 w/ Doug Larson

Too many training programs are writing only prescribing sagittal plane (front/back) movements like squats, deadlifts, lunges, pushups etc. Yes these are great movements and (depending on your goals) they should will definitely make up the majority...

Barbell Shrugged  — Earned Not Given: The Story of The Granite Games w/ John Swanson  — 338

 John Swanson is the founder and CEO of The Granite Games, owner of Fast Factory Fitness, and owner of Factory Forged. The goal of The Granite Games is to create a platform that allows all levels and ages to chase their athletic dreams. Our...

Building a Badass — A War Zone Saved My Life — 3

After Seeing a flash into my chosen path, I decided to follow my mother’s footsteps into a war zone, Operation Iraqi Freedom. I took a job as a contractor in Iraq at 22 years old and jumped in blind, having no idea the consequences of my...

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