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Active Life Radio 12: SPECIAL EPISODE – Is the USA Becoming Too Unhealthy To Stay a Military Power? With The US Air Force w/ Lieutenant Colonel Heath Kern

The United States makes up 5% of the world’s population and consumes 80% of the world’s pharmaceutical drugs. That’s a huge problem for the military, and for the country. Many drugs that are taken in the US are taken by children and adolescents. A...

Why Weightlifting is Exploding on the World Stage w/ Morghan King, CJ Cummings , Anders Varner, and Doug Larson — Barbell Shrugged #420

Morghan’s love for sport goes well beyond weightlifting. She is a big advocate of staying active to help create positive self image and confidence. In 2018, she was a Role Model at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires. Being able to use her...

You Don’t Know How To Talk: Using Better Speaking And Language To Increase Your Business — Real Chalk #96

This weeks episode is all about how using words can make or break almost any thought or relationship. In business, this is massive, but in life — this is paramount. It isn’t everyday that we actually take the time to actually learn how...

Stepping Up Supplements with 1st Phorm- Business of Fitness #76

In today’s show, Jason sits down with 1stPhorm president, Sal Frisella, to take a crash course in customer service. Prior to today’s episode, Sal and the 1stPhormteam held a 5k event in St. Louis to honor a fallen police officer. That event in and...

The Best Strength Coach in the NFL w/ Coach Joe Kenn – The Barbell Life

Known simply as “House” to players, Joe Kenn’s goal as the Panthers’ strength and conditioning coach is to protect and produce: protect the athletes’ body armor and produce athletic based results. He is entering his...

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