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Feed Me Fuel Me — Intuitive Clairvoyance w/ Julie Farha  — 83

 Julie Farha is one of the Nation’s most sought out intuition experts. She understands the importance of intuition and teaches people and companies how to apply it to everyday life and decision-making. She also has over 10 years of global...

Barbell Shrugged — How to Grow Your Gym w/ Mind Pump —  311

 Mind Pump is an online radio show/podcast that has been described as Howard Stern meets fitness. It is sometimes raw, sometimes shocking and is always entertaining and informative. The hosts, Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews have...

Ask Dr. T: Knee Pain During Running?

“Dr. T, I have been having some nasty knee pain every time a workout pops up with running. I have really tight ankles and it can affect my squats as well. My knee will flare up with higher rep squatting, but nowhere near as painful as when I am...

Real Chalk  — Dominate The Social Media World w/ Paige Hathaway  — 19

Paige Hathaway is a 26 year old fitness model and bikini competitor, who fell in love with training in 2011. She went through a health and fitness transformation and placed 2nd at Ronnie Coleman Classic, the biggest NPC statewide competition in the...

The Bledsoe Show  w/  Kevin Gillotti: Carrying the Fire #64

Falling in love with obstacle course racing, Specificity training, Why CrossFit is not so functional, Sterilized training, The power of belief, and more. [1:35] Falling in love with obstacle course racing [11:05] Specificity training [17:05] Why...

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