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Barbell Business – Marketing, Sales, & Personal Development w/ Guy Ferdman – 145

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Guy Ferdman. We discuss:

  • The psychology of change and habit development
  • Why everyone will benefit from working with a coach
  • Understanding the difference between “doing” and “being” in your life
  • How to understand the difference between will power and passion


To learn more about Guy, head over to Satoriprime.com

Instagram: @barbellbusinesspodcast



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  • I don’t know what it was, but when Guy was talking about being defined by your future and not your past, I felt tears welling up. That hit me hard. That was a deep and meaningful conversation. Thanks, guys.

  • Great episode guys and Guy! I loved Guy’s story about throwing your hat over the wall, and figuring out how to get it back after you throw it over, and how the world will align to help you.

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