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Barbell Business – How To Accelerate Your Success By Hacking Your Language W/ Mark England – 148

We are excited to share a value packed episode with you this week. We interviewed Mark England of Procabulary. In this episode, we dive into how our language effects our success in business, and in our personal lives. This is a really exciting episode for us as we recently (as in the entire Barbell Shrugged team) went through Mark’s program and have seen some amazing results in our company culture.

We really enjoyed getting to spend a day with Mark in Venice Beach. We filmed this show at his home in the Venice Canals. In this episode Mark provides practical tools to overcome challenges for both individuals and organizations. We discuss:

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Mark England. We discuss:

  • How to communicate more effectively as a coach and as a leader
  • How language plays a large part in your success as an entrepreneur as well as your personal life
  • The difference between CONFLICT language and ARCHITECT language
  • How to focus on language that motivates you rather language that holds you back


To learn more about Mark, head over to Procabulary.com.

Also be sure to check out Mark’s Core Language Upgrade Course. Click here to learn more about Core Language Upgrade
Use the code “barbell” at checkout to save $100 off the course.



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