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Barbell Business – The Value Of Investing In yourself w/ Marci Lock – 155

As gym owners, we are in the business of showing people the value of coaching and investing in their health. As entrepreneurs, it only makes sense that investing in ourselves is equally as valuable.

In this week’s show we interview Marci Lock. Marci is a very successful coach, and you can tell why as soon as you hear her speak in this episode. She works with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, and charges 1 million dollars a year to work with her.

She obviously did not start out that way, and in fact was a waitress at the Olive Garden when she got started with coaching. What elevated her success, was her willingness to invest in herself and make bold decisions even when others encouraged her to take the safe path.

As entrepreneurs we can’t afford to take the safe path, and in this episode you will find some insight into how you can start on a path of growth in your entrepreneurial journey.

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This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Marci Lock. We discuss:

  • Why investing in yourself is the fastest way to growth in your entrepreneurial journey
  • How to surround yourself with growth minded individuals
  • How to take action on your vision and set up a process for your goals



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