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Barbell Business – How To Work Well With Business Partners w/ Athletics United – 159

Entrepreneurship is inherently lonely. Not to mention, it can be stressful. Being the only one in charge means you hold all the responsibility, which is why partnerships are often so appealing to experienced entrepreneurs.

When executed correctly, partnerships can help bring a business to the next level. At the same time, they can cause more stress, and lead to failure of a business. Like any relationship, a healthy partnership is built on trust and communication.

This week, we visited Athletics United to chat with Brian Arthurn and Jake Sirokman to hear about how they are working together to build a kick ass gym. Jake and Brian, come from different backgrounds but have come together to build something bigger than they could have alone.

If you have a business partner or considering partnering with one, sit down and give this one a listen.

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Athletics United:

  • The importance of having specific roles in a partnership
  • Why it is vital to understand and respect the strengths and weaknesses of each partner
  • How to make business decisions when multiple people are involved



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