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Barbell Business – Extending The Client Lifecycle w/ Casey Jenks – 166

What would it take to get Casey Jenks functional fitness sainthood status? Is that a thing? If we just put his face on a medal and wear it around our gym, will that do the trick?

Casey’s the creator of Fitbot, the software that keeps our personal training programs from being our personal nightmares.

One thing we’ve found as gym owners is that people very rarely stumble upon a great opportunity without first encountering a world of pain. For Casey (and for us before he came along with Fitbot,) the pain was in the logistics of maintaining individualized fitness plans for personal training clients. To manage all the aspects of a program with remote, in-person, and hybrid clients, the whole digital circus would have to come to town: email, Excel, Google Docs, Evernote, Vimeo, copying, pasting, smartphones, desktops. When Casey would ask other coaches how they were keeping track of fitness plans, the same gigantic list of tools would come up. Luckily for all of us in fitness entrepreneurship, Casey already happened to be a software developer.

“I got sick of it, and decided to fix it. And I’ve believed that I could do a better job than what was being done. And I believe that what coaches and trainers do is a super-important part of society, and the tools they had at the time were just complete shit. And I believe that they deserve better.”

But let’s back up to why efficient individualized fitness plans are even necessary: A lot of coaches start with group fitness, and this is where they feel most comfortable. So this is sometimes where they want to stay. But personal training is what your gym needs in order to extend the lifecycle of your members. We see a ton of burnout after two years, but with a robust personal training program, you not only extend the interest and commitment of your clients, but you create a useful career path for your coaches.

Join us as we talk to Casey about how well-managed personal training programs increase income, improve employee and client retention, and get the best athletic results.

P.S. Head to thefitbot.com/barbell to get 50% off your first month of this killer software.


This week on Barbell Business, we interview Casey to discuss:

  • The hard transition from group coaching to individualized coaching
  • When to open up that second gym
  • How to retain clients and coaches beyond the normal timeline
  • How we’re all really jonesing for a team vacation to Vegas



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