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Barbell Business – Troubleshooting for Gym Owners w/ Angelo Sisco – 167

This week, we flew in one of our own: Angelo Sisco resides in Chicago, where he works all day every day with gym owners through Barbell Logic and Barbell Ethos. Since he’s our boots on the ground, he talked to us about a couple of trends and common pain points he’s seeing in the field. In this episode, we talk about the hurdles facing a bunch of y’all, and how to jump over them.

Do you ever get an awesome idea, implement it, and then move on to the next thing before the idea starts to yield the results you’ve envisioned? Yeah, you do. We all do. Incomplete follow-through is one of the most pervasive negative trends Angelo’s observed in gyms and boxes. Particularly with long-term marketing strategies, we see gym owners get impatient with the lack of results and pull the plug early. We see a lot of switching between strategies instead of doing one strategy well and seeing it through to completion. And when we don’t see these projects through completely, we can’t know if it works or not.

If you’re a gym owner, the chances are that you’re a “quick start.” You’re great at getting things up and running, or else we wouldn’t be talking to you right now. That’s great and valuable, obviously. Does your team have a follow-through person? A finisher? The great news is that you don’t have to be all those things. Sure, you can be all those things. But why would you want to spend your time and energy on things you don’t like or that you’re not naturally good at?

Listen in with Angelo as we troubleshoot for gym owners everywhere.

In this week’s episode of Barbell Business, we interview Angelo Sisco about:

  • What “hard work” looks like and why it doesn’t have to suck
  • How to find your complementary people
  • Overcoming challenges in sales, marketing, and team development
  • When to quit working on a project



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