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Barbell Business – Three-Tiered Accountability w/ Markus Gerszi – 169

We have a super-exciting guest this week. A big “get,” if you will. We’ve been wanting to feature him on the podcast for years because we’re his biggest fans. That’s right, kids! This week we got to talk to Markus Gerszi, of Barbell Business fame! [Thunderous applause; confetti falls from the ceiling.]

Joking aside, it was very cool to be in Markus’s old box in Orange County, CA, this week. Markus is a smart dude, which is why we keep him around. We’ve been wanting to get his best practices for accountability on the record, so that’s what this episode is all about. [Thunderous applause; even more confetti falls from the ceiling.]

In this business, we tend to be very client-focused. We want the best for our clients, or we’d be doing something else for a living. We have a natural impulse to hold them accountable, with everything from documenting their workouts to journaling their meals to setting long-term goals (and occasionally standing in for their therapists). Join us as we talk about some common-sense, often-overlooked methods for reliable client accountability.

And while we’re on the subject of accountability, let’s talk about you. It’s almost second-nature to keep our clients accountable. But who or what do you have in place to keep yourself consistently in-check? This includes your personal fitness goals as well as the daily operations of your business. Long-term goals, too. If you’re like most gym owners, your answer to this question is, “Mumble mumble clients busy mumble.” And unfortunately, “Mumble mumble clients busy mumble” isn’t a sustainable strategy. As Doug points out, “Holding yourself accountable is a totally different ballgame.” Most of us know we should do it, but don’t have a great idea about how.

In this episode, we talk to Markus about the best strategies to hold your clients accountable, your team accountable, and yourself accountable. Listen in to learn common sense strategies that you can implement right away for a stronger business.

This Week on Barbell Business, We Interview Markus Gerszi to Discuss:

  • How to hold your clients accountable
  • How to hold your coaches accountable
  • How to hold yourself accountable
  • Why all of that is important



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  • I’m really interested in your business coaching…I’ve been watching/listening to your podcasts daily over the past month and I definitely want to strengthen my business! I love what you guys are saying and I think it’s the missing key for us! I tried to follow the above link but it failed to load…so I am just emailing and after this podcast that I am currently watching, I will look further! Just know I need to take the first step!
    I’m leaving our website below, but I will admit it is my biggest weakness!

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