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Barbell Business – Our “Thank You” to The Box Owner

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we discuss:

  • The box owner as the backbone of the CrossFit industry
  • The increase of quality fitness entrepreneurs over the years
  • The risk and reward of being a box owner
  • The level of appreciation the community owes gym owners
  • The evolution of gym owner mentality and mindset

Mike Bledsoe


  • Helo, I’m From México And I’m a Box Owner . I started offering Les Mills Group Fitness And Boxing Training. Now we have Crossfit too, so our Concept is Fighting, Group Fitness And Functional Training, Wich For us have represented a good way to nurture our members in order to scale From one Training to Another. I’m a Coach too And I have 6 coaches in our Team .
    I’ve been following you Guys And I,m pretty interested In the Barbell Logic because I’m convinced trat we Want to create a great experience to our members And be Number 1 in service And Training. I Hope You can help me With this Model I have And Hope that Being From México is not a problem to you.

    Thanks And i really Love west you do.

    • Eyes on the target, I can assure you, sir.Thanks for the reminder! I see the problem. Outlining, research, conceptualising, working out characters – is it R&D or resistance? We at Nail Your Novel HQ are firmly of the belief that research and planning are necessary parts of the process and prevent us from hurling up a load of unusable merde. And social media. On the one hand it’s where we go because we’ve got a finished book we want to talk about. On the other, keeping a book in perpetual development qualifies us to hobnob in social media. We’re in a set of conceptual circles here, like Google ones but more slippery. :)Like? 0

    • Sachant qu’il y a environ 400.000 offres d’emploi disponibles pour plus de 4.000.000 de chômeurs, votre propos est mathématiquement inepte dans 90% des cas.Avez-vous une autre explication un peu plus concluante ?

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