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What Do You Do When Going To The Gym Hurts and Stops Being Fun?- Active Life Radio #5

Dr. Bo Babenko has been in the CrossFit world for over a decade as a gym member, a coach, a manager of a gym in Dubai, and most relevantly to this show, as a physical therapist. Bo has a unique ability to merge his analytical approach with a human impact for his clients and he is a massive asset to the Active Life 1 on 1 staff. 

Sheila Rixon is a current Active Life 1 on 1 client who exemplifies exactly the type of clients who we are privileged to help. She had spent over $1000 in physical therapy, and years in a CrossFit gym to improve her aches and pains to no avail. She went all in with Active Life and got the life she longed for back. 

 What would you do if the gym, and your activities of daily living stopped being fun, and started being too painful to perform. You stop seeing your friends as often, you stop getting that emotional release, you lose part of who you are. This is essentially where Sheila found herself. The frustration was at its pique, and she decided to go all in. Find out what happened and how it happened in this episode. 

Minute Breakdown:

0-10 – How much is this going to cost?

11-20 – What’s it like to take over a client from another coach?

21-30 – What is crepitus?

31-40 – How to learn breathing and bracing from a distance.

41-50 – Doesn’t it get boring to be on a linear program?

51-60 – The magnitude of getting results.

61 – 70 – How to be present.

Work with an Active Life Coach like Bo at activeliferx.com/shrugged

Find Bo at @DrBoBabenko

Find out more about crocodile breathing here https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz_NQXgHhNR/?igshid=ur1y8vlhnxsu



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