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Avoiding Major Surgery and Staying competitive with Dr. Ray Gorman- Active Life Radio #2

Dr. Ray is the director of staff at Active Life. He works with one on one clients and is responsible for coaching the staff. If you have heard of the Active Life Immersion program, Dr. Ray runs that too. The dude is a stud!

A neuro surgeon told her she needed spinal fusion, an orthopedist agreed, and a physical therapist couldn’t help. Now she power cleans over 200# and she never had surgery. What happened between the scary prognosis and the heavy clangin’ and bangin’? Give it a listen.

Minute Breakdown:

0-10 – How did you know she didn’t need surgery?

11-20 – He told his wife to hide his gun.

21-30 – Is an anterior pelvic tilt bad?

31-40 – Turning off a false alarm.

41-50 – Even the smallest improvement can lead to the largest.

51-60 – What does the future look like?

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Find Dr. Ray at @RayGormanDpt



Anders Varner

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