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Why $4,000 of Physical Therapy Didn’t Work and How Active Life 1 on 1 Did w/ Dr. Ray Gorman- Active Life Radio #4

Have you spent thousands of dollars trying to get yourself out of pain, only to find yourself 

more frustrated and less jacked than ever? That’s what was going on for the client we discuss on this episode of Active Life Radio. In this episode you’re going to learn all about what went wrong in physical therapy, how our one on one coaches are able to spot it, and of course, how our client got back to full blown competitive exercise without having to get surgery, drugs, or boring rehab.

 Dr. Ray is the director of staff at Active Life. He works with one on one clients and is responsible for coaching the staff. If you have heard of the Active Life Immersion program, Dr. Ray runs that too. The dude is a stud!

Minute Breakdown:

0-10 – How to decide if surgery is really necessary.

11-20 – When is it outside the scope of physical therapy?

21-30 – How to transition from hanging from the bar to doing pull-ups.

31-40 – The difference between a labrum tear and a frayed labrum.

41-50 – What’s the difference between the needs of a high level athlete and you?

51-60 – Your coach is your guide, not your master. 

Work with an Active Life Coach like Ray at activeliferx.com/shrugged

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