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Creating Fitness Autonomy Through 1-on-1 Coaching with Daniel Hong – Active Life Radio #20

Are you a coach who is passionate about creating solutions to the “bigger problems” you see in the gym everyday? 


Are you still struggling on where to go to find the solutions?


Like many coaches out there, Daniel Hong had the fire to help but didn’t quite have the tools. When you listen to Daniel speak about his commitment to excellence you will have little doubt that he would eventually get exactly what he needed to crush the 1-on-1 business and change the lives of others.


In this episode we talk about the problems he heard day-to-day while coaching classes and his frustration with the lack of time to solve them. We discuss the mindset required to set the right price for a 1-on-1 session, what really happens when you discount your prices, plus what to do when you know that the group setting is no longer serving you.


Did we mention, Daniel was able to do all of this before even starting our Immersion course by just watching a short video? 



5:00 – The invisible gorilla

11:00 – Creating the value 1-on-1

18:15 – The truth behind a price tag

26:45 – What a “discount” really means

37:00 – When your workouts no longer serve you

42:00 – How important is it, REALLY?

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  • How do I access the active life radio content? there is no option to play or listen on the page. Just a short description about the radio discussion.

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