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Lifting Heavy Again, Pelvic Dysfunction, Torn Meniscus, and Arthritis with Dr. Lance Einerson – Active Life Radio #1

Dr. Lance Einerson is a one on one coach on staff with Active Life. He is the go to staff member for clients who need help with breathing and bracing. His extensive experience as a breathwork specialist and a physical therapist makes him uniquely suited to help Active Life 1 on 1 clients utilize their superpower, breath.

What do you do when you have tried physical therapy for months and they keep telling you “You just can’t do that stuff anymore.”? That’s exactly what we were facing when with the client who we discuss on today’s episode. How did this mother of three go from having pelvic dysfunction, multiple knee surgeries, arthritis, and day to day pain, to hitting PRs on her olympic lifts? You’re going to have to listen to find out.

Minute Breakdown:

0-10 – Her pelvis hadn’t detached, but it had shifted.

11-20 – What was the first step to decreasing pain?

21-30 – How to breath through your sticking point.

31-40 – Collecting wins

41-50 – Managing load.

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Find Lance at @lance.einerson_dpt



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