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Keeping a Pro Rugby Player on the field without an ACL, with Dr. Ryan Summers- Active Life Radio #8

What do you do if you are a professional athlete and you have a potentially career ending injury to your knee that you do not want to get surgery for? You work with Active Life of course.

In today’s episode Dr. Ryan and I discuss one of Ryan’s clients, Max, who is a professional Rugby 7 player living in Hong Kong. Max tore his ACL for the second time and has elected to try and give his career a go without repairing the ACL.

You might be asking yourself, “how is a guy going to play professional rugby without an ACL when tearing an ACL keeps guys in Professional sports out for almost an entire year?”, and we are going to answer that question in this episode.

We talk about the mental side of this injury as well as the nature of the recovery from it and how it needs to look to make sure that Max is able to perform and perform well.

Minute Breakdown:

0-10 – He tore his ACL for the second time

11-20 – He’s a professional athlete, why doesn’t his team medical and strength staff handle this?

21-30 – How to mimic sports movements with exercises in the gym 

31-40 – Balancing the instruction from his on site S&C staff, and his Active Life coach

41-50 – Will he really be able to play?

Work with an Active Life Coach like Ryan at activeliferx.com/shrugged

Find Ryan at @dr.ryan.summers

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