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It’s All In Your Head, Kinda – With Dr. Todd Dersham – Active Life Radio #13

Have you ever heard someone use the expression “it’s all in your head” and find yourself wanting to punch them in the face?

Yea, us too. 

In this episode, Dr. Sean talks to Active Life 1 on 1 coach, Dr. Todd Dersham about a particular client he had who was in her own way in regards to her mindset around pain. 

They discuss how mindset can increase pain or decrease pain and how it plays a role in the recovery cycle. 

Hint, it’s not in your head, but your head could be in the way of your body. 

Minute Breakdown:

0-10 – Dr. Sean ate Weed Cookies?

11-20 – How to spot emotional distress on an intake.

21-30 – Should Active Life partner with World Star?

31-40 – What is pain?

41-49 – Why keep working with an Active Life coach after symptoms are gone?

Work with an Active Life Coach: http://activeliferx.com/shrugged

Find Dr. Sean at @DrSeanPastuch

Find Dr. Todd at @DoctorDersh

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