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How Getting Hurt can Improve Your Career – With Nicole Torres- Active Life Radio #9

Imagine this… You are working out like you always do, you reach down to deadlift the barbell one more time and, bang, your back goes out. You have pain like you have never experienced before. You crawl to your phone and call your spouse and friends to come help you because the pain is so bad. What goes through your mind?

That’s exactly what happened to Nicole’s Active Life 1 on 1 client, Robert. Robert is a CrossFit Affiliate owner in Lakeland Florida. He owns Lift Lakeland, and it is in that gym that he found himself laid out, unable to move without intense pain.

In this podcast we talk about how Nicole helped Robert go from having fear day to day around anything that included a hip hinge, to deadlifting, and olympic lifting again. And we also discuss how that experience changed the course of Robert’s career forever.

In this episode you will have the opportunity to hear how important this all was to Robert’s wife. The thing about pain and injury is that too often we look at it as pain and injury to the body, and we do not consider the impact it has on the mind. In this episode, we put that concept in play.

Minute Breakdown:

0-10 – “I’m scared”

11-20 – Assessment results

21-30 – A handwritten letter from the Robert’s wife

31-40 – 2 month in, pain is reduced, but still no deadlifts

41-50 – Most CrossFit gyms add volume, intensity, and frequency, too fast

51-60 – Teamwork makes the dream work

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