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Why Making Coaches More Professional Matters – Dr. Sean- Active Life Radio #10

There is a great expression that goes like this; “If you want to build something big, you need a vision big enough for other people’s vision to fit inside of it.” And it’s true.

On this episode of the show, Dr. Sean sits down with the microphone, and you, to discuss how you can take steps to have a better day every day. He does that by explaining the reason why what Active Life is doing, and plans to do, is so important to him and should be to you.

The vision for the impact that Active Life will have on the world is most definitely big enough for you to fit inside of it, and in this episode, Dr. Sean talks to you about how you can take immediate, free, steps to make it a reality.

Minute Breakdown:

0-5 – Your vision must be big enough to fit the vision of others inside of it

5-10 – Build a facility big enough to house everyone’s ambition

10-15 – How to intentionally build a better community through fitness, without working out

15-20 – What happens when you let your wall ball drop

20-25 – Success is not about money

25-30 – Let’s do something transformative

Work with an Active Life Coach: activeliferx.com/shrugged

Find Dr. Sean at @DrSeanPastuch

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