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Building A Badass — She’ll Need to Wear a Cup: My First Political Stand — 1

Building A Badass is a show where I tell my story through the greatest eight events of my life through eight podcasts. Building A Badass is about my personal experiences that shaped my mindset, personal growth, success and failures, and how I became the badass that I am known for to this day.

Through these intimate stories of my personal struggles or celebrations I share my take away lessons and even emotional baggage, how that shaped me for good or bad, and how I came out of all of it at the end. Most of you know some of the highlights but this will dig a bit deeper into more of me, who I am, and how I became that.

I hope you enjoy it or at least take away your own lesson from my experience. That’s exactly WHY I share so much of my past both good and bad, so that people can see it’s possible to become what you believe no matter what cards you’re dealt. This is why I have the mantra: Everyday you wake up with the opportunity to change your life.

In the first episode, I tell the story of how I wanted to play baseball for no other reason than it was what I preferred. I go into how I watched my mother take a positive stand against sexism and I was in awe. How that time I didn’t understand the impact that watching her handle that situation would do for my ability to take a stand for myself, and that I also didn’t realize what I was doing for myself, which was learning how to follow my passions, regardless of what people thought, how I was mistreated, and what the established rules were.

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