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Building A Badass — A Look Into The Future, The Ditch — 2

In the second episode of Building A Badass, I tell a story about how a tragic car accident, where I watched my sister almost die, spun a major downward shift in my life, which included a long run with drugs and running wild.

I started victimizing myself to release responsibility of how I was feeling or what I did. I hid behind bad behavior and that “I don’t care” attitude,  which can only take you so far before you’re in some serious trouble. I became a victim to my circumstances.

Years later, I had a moment where I saw who I was destined to become if I stayed on the path I was currently on. It was shocking and discouraging. I had to make a change, but I didn’t have any idea what that looked like or even if I actually wanted to change at this point, I enjoyed the chaos.

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