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The Band Behind Barbell Shrugged: TORCHE

I’m grateful every day that Barbell Shrugged has the coolest intro music in all of podcasting, period.

When we were still just throwing around the idea of starting a show back in back in 2011, I knew that whenever we pulled the trigger, I was going to ask my friends in the band Torche to use their song “Rockit” as our intro track. And when we finally decided to commit to the show in early 2012, that is exactly what I did.

Sure it’s a tiny detail in the big scheme of our podcast, but I feel like the tiny things are what separate good shows from great shows.

Check out Torche playing our theme song LIVE in this early episode of Barbell Shrugged

I met Torche in late 2007.

At the time I was a guitarist/singer for a band and had just discovered these guys around the time they were going to be playing a gig in town Memphis, TN. Just like any great relationship it all started at the bar by with me buying them drinks and then asking them to spend the night with me!

I put the guys up for a night and bombarded them endlessly with ridiculous 90’s wrestling trivia.  They didn’t get to sleep until they watched the 1998 King of the Ring: Hell in a Cell match between Mankind and the Undertaker. If you ever go watch them live in your town (which you totally should do), please go bug them about Hell in a Cell and I’m sure you’ll be greeted with a smile.

After that show whenever the band came into town they always had a place to stay at mi casa.  Which was rad as hell for me, because Torche is still one of my favorite bands. How often do you get to hang out with your favorite band, go to the premiere of Harry Potter 6, eat in sketchy downtown Memphis restaurants, and then get early access to bitching new albums? Not very often.

They even paid to replace my back windshield when it was broke into one night while at their show. Good dudes, indeed.


Better yet, they had no problem allowing me to use “Rockit” for Barbell Shrugged. I couldn’t imagine our show with some bullshit royalty-free song like I hear most other podcasts use. That just wouldn’t have cut it.

Help us return the favor!

I don’t think the guys (or me for that matter) could have ever known that our silly little show would take off like it did.  So, today I ask for your support.

Torche just dropped their newest album “Restarter” today.  I pre-ordered multiple copies on vinyl many moons ago, but I ask that if you dig our show please show Torche some love by purchasing their latest album now.

Blast that sucker loud as possible when you train, it’s like a big dose of testosterone to your ear drums.



Also, go see these guys live. They put on a damn good show. Just make sure to bring some ear plugs if you have baby ears, these dudes get LOUD!

And make sure you tell’em Barbell Shrugged sent ya!

Reign supreme,


P.S. In case you were wondering what albums to find the Barbell Shrugged intro song and the TechniqueWOD intro song…


Barbell Shrugged Theme Song: “Rockit” on their Self Titled album.


TechniqueWOD Theme Song: “In Return” on the album with the same name.


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