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Barbell Business – Starting a Business in the Fitness Industry w/ Jeff Sherman


  • Building a business based on need vs passion
  • What to do before you build your product or service
  • Tips to building a business to sell
  • Not limiting your ideas by your own skillset limitations
  • The true entrepreneurial mindset

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New business ideas are great. Whether it comes to you in the form of a flash of inspiration or a yearlong hunt to nail down the new big thing, the fact is that the awesomeness of your big idea may be irrelevant. Your new business idea may not be right for you, or you may not be right for it.

Let’s be honest – this shit is hard. It’s a pain in the ass to get up every morning to work on your new business idea with the nagging worry that it might just be a massive waste of time. But those times when you get it right? Oh man, those are good times.

This week’s guest is Jeff Sherman. He’s one of those guys that got it right multiple times. Jeff is the COO at Train Aggressive, runs the blog Fitness Marketer, he’s been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, and a serial fitness entrepreneur for nearly two decades. Jeff knows a thing or two about building successful businesses which is why if you’re considering starting a business in the fitness industry, you should listen to this podcast.


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  • Jeff helped me reach my fitness goals w his offline and online programs! Will never forget his encouragement during ToughMudder…he’s the man!!

  • Awesome stuff ! I think this should be required reading for everyone looking to get into fitness as a business. I am going to send it to my students in my Fitness Marketing class today!

    This line is sooooo key “You never want to kill your upside entirely just to protect against the downside.”

  • Amazing stuff ! I think this ought to be required perusing for everybody hoping to get into wellness as a business. I am going to send it to my understudies in my Fitness Marketing class today!

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