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Let Them Play: A Triathlaon Across the Country for a Cause w/ Eric Byrnes — Barbell Shrugged #429

Eric Byrnes is a former MLB star who is now on the MLB Network. Last summer, in order to bring attention to the lack of PE in our schools, Eric swam, ran, and rode across the United States from San Francisco to New York City, and the documentary he...

The Language of High Performing Athletes and Coaches w/ Mike Bledsoe and Mark England — Barbell Shrugged #428

Mark England has professionally coached thousands of clients worldwide using the power of words and stories for over a decade. He holds an BA in business and a Master’s in Education. Mark is the co-founder of Procabulary, Enlifted, and is a...

What is Real, Fake, and Really Fake in Pro Bodybuilding and Supplement Industries w/ Alex Michael Turner — Barbell Shrugged #427

Alex started lifting weights as soon as he left high school after suffering from bullying. He wanted to build a strong and healthy physique as he weighed a total of 112 lbs. He didn’t want to be the guy being picked on anymore. Alex recalls, “I did...

How to Choose a High Quality, Clean Protein Powder w/ Sara Hendershot — Barbell Shrugged #426

Sara Hendershot, Momentous’ Director of Marketing, is an Olympic rower, successful entrepreneur and living proof that athletes can continue to train and perform at a high level after their athletic peaks. After competing in London in 2012, Sara has...

Adding Bodybuilding and Hypertrophy Training to Maximize Strength w/ Bryan Boorstein — Barbell Shrugged #425

Bryan Boorstein has trained at the top level, the CrossFit Games, while also working with some of the world’s premier athletes, including NFL players, and WWE superstar John Cena. Bryan has extensive experience and knowledge in all realms of health...

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