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The Barbell Shrugged Thanksgiving Special w/ Mike Bledsoe, Doug Larson & Christmas Abbott

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This week we are coming to you live from Halmstad, Sweden.

It’s Thanksgiving! Tonight, I thought I would take the opportunity to gather some of my dearest friends so that we could say thank you.

This life is a wild ride. We could not do it without the amazing support from our families, our friends, and our amazing audience.

A million times over…Thank you, thank you.

P.S. We’ve been drinking plenty of Schnapps tonight in celebration of the holiday. We get real honest, we have fun, and we share some great tips that have made all the difference for us. I think this show will help you be much more successful.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Barbell Shrugged!




Chris Moore is a writer, recovering meathead, fledgling raconteur and rabid imbiber. He's also cohost and resident potty mouth on Barbell Shrugged, a weekly podcast devoted to Crossfit, strength, fitness and all things brash. His experience is drawn from over twenty-years spent training for and competing in American Football, Powerlifting, a bit of strongman and a dash of mixed martial arts. Also, it's possible that he's had one too many cups of coffee. A caffeine fever is a hell of a thing, you know?


  • That was.

    It was hilarious (thought the mental image of Chris as a bear it burned into my mind’s eye,) thoughtful, and sincere. I love all of you!

    I am so intrigued as to what the new format will look like. I wonder if you guys are trying out the “show” model and going more youtube based… I can’t wait to see it!

    Side note to Christmas: thanks for what you said about women taking a chance on themselves.

    I’m thankful to all of you for the information, entertainment, and care you have for people.

  • Is anybody else having an issue playing this episode?

    It doesn’t play from the webpage (libsyn) for me, tried in Firefox and IE. In iTunes the previous episode “The power of fight” is played when I try to play this one, and I’m not seeing it in Sticher at all (still says the most recent episode is “The power of fight”).

    Any suggestions?

  • Just a head’s up, I’m having playing issues as well. In iTunes, it just gives me a little ! error when I download or play it. Anyhow, looking forward to listening to it as well as the Spartan Up combo-cast.

  • i try and keep my comments on the daily to a minimum, but that was an amazing podcast! i have no doubt that your success stems from how up front and honest you all are. Also how you interact and treat your fans is nothing short of inspirational.


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