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Barbell Shrugged  — The Magic of Mushrooms w/ Tero Isokauppila  — 324

Tero Isokauppila is a a Finnish nomad turned into a fungi lovin’ foodpreneur. He is the president and founder of Four Sigmatic — A mushroom and superfoods company that creates products to help you live a better and healthier life. Tero’s...

Barbell Shrugged  — Bro Show: I’m On a Boat  — 323

This is a special show of the crew visiting the San Diego Naval base, including Dr. Andy Galpin, Adam Von Rothfelder, Doug, and Anders. The crew talks to the navy about nutrition for tactical athletes, stress management, elimination diets, breath...

Barbell Shrugged  — The Flexible Dieting Lifestyle w/ Zach Rocheleau  — 322

Zach Rocheleau is founder at the Flexible Dieting Lifestyle, and owner and head coach at Genetic Potential Academy. He is a also Precision Nutrition Sports and Exercise Nutrition Certified Coach and a Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance...

Barbell Shrugged  — Nutrtion For Weightlifters w/ Alex Maclin  — 321

Alex Maclin is on a mission to light the fire within you, to help you have a body you are proud of, perform amazingly, and live a healthy life. Alex is a long time friend of the Shrugged crew, and you may have seen him on many videos and our...

Ask Dr. T: Low Back Pain from Sleeping?

“Dr. T, I live an active life and love to work out. During the day, I rarely experience pain. However, at night, I have a hard time falling asleep because my low back flares up. I have changed mattresses, pillows, and tried falling asleep in every...

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