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Bro Book Club: Your Top 10 Reads for 2019 w/ Doug & Anders  — Barbell Shrugged #369

This is a special episode, where Doug Larson and Anders Varner talk about the best books on business, why communication is a skill you should constantly be developing, how mindset training is a skill that plays into all of life’s skills, why learning meditation will make you better at everything, and much more.


– Doug and Anders

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Train smart,

Mike, Doug and Anders

Doug Larson


    • Might have missed one because at one point they mentioned “5 1/2” books, but here’s 10 they talked about:
      Flourish by Martin Seligman
      The Talent Code by Dan Coyle
      Principles by Ray Dalio
      The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
      Drive by Daniel Pink
      Atomic Habits by James Clear
      Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson
      The Aging Brain by Timothy Jennings
      Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron
      (Audio book, may be the 1/2) The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin

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