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Biohacking Your Way To A World Record Bench Press With Amy Hu and Halo Sport CTO Brett Wingeier — Barbell Shrugged #387

Halo Sport is the first-ever brain stimulator used to accelerate movement-based learning. In other words, it speeds up the development of skill, strength, and endurance, depending on the type of training that you pair with it.

Halo Sport works by applying non-invasive, mild electrical current to the motor cortex (part of the brain responsible for movement), allowing your brain to build stronger connections and learn movement faster. For example: You can wear Halo Sport for 20 minutes before your training session, which gives you one hour of what neuroscientists call “hyperlearning” or “hyperplasticity”. Training with it accelerates gains across skill, strength, and endurance.

In this episode of Barbell Shrugged we talk about the advantages of the Halo Sport 2, the research behind tDCS, the technique of bench pressing, how to fix motor learning problems, how to incorporate Halo Sport during competition, why consistency is the difference maker the difference between Halo Sport 1 and Halo Sport 2,  the Halo Sport app, and much more!


– Anders and Doug

Episode Breakdown

0-10: Talking to world record holder in bench press, using Halo to improve climbing, the advantages of the Halo Sport 2, and the research behind tDCS

11-20: The technique of bench pressing, the sweet spot of benching, why you should strengthen your triceps for bench, and how to fix motor learning problems

21-30: How to use your feet when benching, the process of a powerlifting meet, how to incorporate Halo Sport during competition, and why consistency is the difference maker

31-40: Current training, warm-ups for powerlifting, the importance of a good coach, why the strongest lifters in the gym use the Halo Sport to enhance training, and the difference between Halo Sport 1 and Halo Sport 2

41-50: Brain mapping, the Halo Sport app, data collection, and training age

51-60: The Halo Sport 2 fit, special offer on Halo Sport 2, and where to find Emily and Halo

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