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The Most Intersting Athlete at the CrossFit Games w/ Hunter Mcintyre — Barbell Shrugged #408

Hunter Mcintyre is Pro Endurance Athlete, Broken Skull Champion, BoundlessTV co-Host, Obstacle Course Racing Champion, and a Macho Man. With his unique catchphrase, “biceps win races”, Hunter strikes a brilliant contrast to the “skinny minis”, each and every time he takes the podium.


Hunter, AKA ‘The Sheriff” loves to perform with the showmanship of a WWF wrestler. He is, however, an inveterate lover of all things, particularly life. At 27, he has already been a lumberjack in Montana, a party “enthusiast”, and male model. His wild and crazy charisma shines. Hunter, was born to entertain! His passion for life is built around creating each day to be better than the day before. Thriving on daily challenges, you can find him crafting and creating new experiences, from climbing the biggest mountain to setting the foundations of new friendships.


In this episode, we talk to Hunter about his invite to the CrossFit Games, training over the last 2 years, what to expect out of his performance, and how the CrossFit community has reacted to his invite to compete.


Minute Breakdown:


0-10 – Getting incited to the CrossFit Games

11-20 – How the CrossFit community responded to getting an invite

21-30 – Expectations of his performance at the CF Games

31-40 – How has his training changed leading up to the Games


Hunter McIntyre on Instagram


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