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Changing the Definition of CrossFit and Why Expectations Are The Cockblocker of Happiness with Anders Varner, Doug Larson, Alex Maclin, and Kurt Mullican — Barbell Shrugged #382

Saturday Bro Show of Barbell Shrugged coming in hot! Today is a special episode where Doug, Anders, Alex, and Kurt sit down and talk training, nutrition and radnom bro stuff. At the end of the day, this is the thing that unites us all: a love for the barbell and a desire to be better humans.  In this episode of Barbell Shrugged, we talk about Doug’s life when he lived out of a gym, the definition of Crossfit, contact sports, making intensity relative, why expectations are the cockblocker of happiness, the importance of telling your clients the cold hard truth, and much more.


– Anders and Doug

Episode Breakdown

⚡️0-10: Professional wrestling, real estate agents, Doug’s life living out of his gym, how Alex and Kurt met Doug, and where Kurt and Alex are now

⚡️11-20: The definition of Crossfit and how we can improve it, how their fitness has evolved over time, and why new people love high intensity

⚡️21-30: The need for a new approach to fitness, making intensity relative, the psychological “holy shit” moment of a workout, and the sweet spot of intensity

⚡️31-40: Kenny Kane’s method to implementing intensity, 100% effort on the airdyne, shutting your eyes during a workout, and the fun of training once you’re no longer trying to compete

⚡️ 41-50: Jiu Jitsu, MMA, fitness in fighting, how our goals change, and asking yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing

⚡️51-60: We’re all better people if we can get an hour in the gym, why expectations are the cockblocker of happiness, and committing to the fundamentals

⚡️61-70: Selling people what they want to hear, the importance of telling your clients the cold hard truth, and programming “fun” for your clients

⚡️71-80: Globo gyms, developing character in the gym, pushing people outside their comfort zone, and the fitness program that works for the majority of people

⚡️81-90: How a cable machine can benefit your training, why getting injured can be a good thing, how Alex balances nutrition, and delicious carbs

⚡️91-100: Gainzzz, stabilizing your weight, the highest day strain Anders Whoop Band has recorded, and playing with numbers

⚡️101-114: When to stop tracking your nutrition, at the end of a day it’s just a number, the value of intuition, and what happens when you learn what’s going on with nutrition

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