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Dr. Sean Pastuch: Building (3 Pillars) A Bigger And Better Coaching Business — Barbell Shrugged #375

Dr. Sean Pastuch is a doctor, coach, educator, coach to athletes, and founder of Active Life Rx, which he founded with a belief that the world deserves better solutions than the current modern medical model.

Active Life Rx is the only company in the world helping thousands of people to get out of pain without going to the doctor or missing the gym. They also educate health care providers and fitness professionals on how to provide solutions to their clients the way we do for ours.

In this episode of Barbell Shrugged,  we talk to Dr. Sean Pastuch about developing professional coaches, why clarity of vision is the most important conversation you will have in any relationship, finding your niche, and how to create space for mentorship both for yourself and those you are developing.


– Anders and Doug

Episode Breakdown:

⚡️0-10: Why the fitness industry is failing coaches

⚡️11-20: The system Dr. Pastuch has created to develop better coaches and why you should have a target audience

⚡️21-30: How to understand what people really want and use that to communicate effectively with your clients

⚡️31-40: Meeting your clients where they are at and taking action on your clients deepest emotions

⚡️ 41-50: Why clarity of vision is the most important conversation to have in any relationship

⚡️51-60: How to find your niche and why it is the path to success

⚡️61-70: Be remarkable, authentic, and ready to deliver the truth to your clients through social media

⚡️71-80: Why you’ll sell things the same way you buy things

⚡️81-90: How to be an awesome intern and create space for mentorship

⚡️91-100: Look for opportunities to learn at all times in all spaces

⚡️101-110: How to gain people’s trust on purpose and Dr. Sean’s mission statement

⚡️111-117: Expressing gratitude while critically evaluating your life



























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  • I was extremely moved, like most people, by Dr. Sean Pastuch’s Life mission statement. I searched google for it but couldn’t find it… So I typed it out myself. I think it is a valuable tool for others to set their mission statement.

    “Through my actions, my words, and my patience I will deliberately coach my children to be valuable adults. With empathy and effort I will demonstrate intentionally my love for my wife. I will influence positive change in this world so that others will find success they otherwise might not have. Through the execution of my process I will leave a legacy that my children and future generations can be proud of.” – Dr. Sean Pastuch

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