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How to Beat Tia Claire Toomey and Building Power Abs with Kari Pearce, Anders Varner, Doug Larson, and Kenny Santucci – Barbell Shrugged #396

With a competitive gymnastics background, Kari Pearce began training at New York Health and Racquet club where she met a powerlifting coach and did her first competition. While she was preparing for my competition, the owner of CrossFit SPOT contacted her about coaching CrossFit because he knew of her gymnastics and training background. Kari knew this would bethe perfect opportunity for her to start. After winning the powerlifting competition, Pearce decided it was time to change direction. The other sports were great but she loved that there are so many different movements and always something to work on with CrossFit. Once Peacestarted, she realized her background was perfect and she began to excel quickly.

Six months after beginning CrossFit training, Pearce found herself competing at the East Regional. In her first year she was able to qualify for the CrossFit Games and finish 21st place in the world. After this, Pearce knew she had found her sport and loves everyday of it!

Show Overview: In this episode of Barbell Shrugged, Anders Varner, Doug Larson, and Kenny Santucci discuss what it takes to win the CrossFit Games, how Kari Pearce used her gymnastics background to excel at CrossFit and what CrossFit athletes are missing when it comes to core training. Kari Pearce is coming off winning 3 CrossFit Open workouts and is on her way to the CrossFit Games for the fourth time. The guys discuss her training, preparation, and the lifestyle of a CrossFit Games athlete.

Minute Breakdown:

0-10 – Winning CrossFit Open Workouts

11-20 – Governing Body For CrossFit Sanctionals

21-30 – Starting CrossFit in New York City

31-40 – CrossFit athletes being great at gymnastics

41-50 – Athlete and Coach Relationship for Games Athletes

51-60 – Eliminating the demands of life for focus

61 -70 – Open Ocean Swimming

71 -80 – How Do You Beat Tia Claire Toomey

81 -90 – Gymnastics for Average CrossFitters

91-100 – Power Ab Training

101 – 110 – Taking 5th at The CrossFit Games with. Partially Torn Achilles

Find Kari Pearce at kari@pearcepointers.com, access her newsletter Pearce Pointers, and her Power Abs program at www.pearcepointers.com/powerabs

Find Doug Larson @douglaselarson, Anders Varner @andersvarner, and Kenny Santucci @kennysantucci.

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