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Sprinting Into the Fire: The Story of Savage Barbell w/ CEO and Founder Dave Gallagher, and hosts Anders Varner, Doug Larson and John Swanson – Barbell Shrugged — Barbell Shrugged #416

Dave Gallagher is the owner of Savage Barbell.  Savage Barbell is not his full time job. Dave is a full time fire fighter in Southern California and runs Savage on his days off from the fire station. He started Savage Barbell after a very poor customer service experience at the CrossFit Games in 2014.  He thought, “these people have such a great community and this is how they treat us?”  He started Savage with a college buddy, who runs a web design marking company in Huntington Beach, California.  They wanted to “offer a great product line that knows without its customers, we are nothing!”
In this episode of Barbell Shrugged, the crew breaks into the intricacies of small business, building a clothing brand, competing against the giant in the industry, and how being a full time firefighter captain fuels the mindset and success of the company.
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Minute Breakdown:
1-10 What happens when Plan A doesn’t work.
11-20 The right way to sponsor athletes.
21-30 What it is like the first time you fight a fire.
31-40 Firefighter training regimen and injury recovery.
41-50 Creating brand loyalty and hustling
51-60 How to structure your day for success
61-70 – Scaling your business but not growing beyond your means



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