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Dr. Jordan Shallow: Taking Ownership Of Your Healthcare And The 3 Pillars Of Evidence Based Research — Barbell Shrugged #376

Dr. Jordan Shallow is a chiropractor and a competitive powerlifter who champions getting movement right, from the outset. Jordan’s patients range from world-class athletes to 9-5 weekend warriors. Understanding the needs of each individual and subsequent demand of each of their lifestyles is the cornerstone on which his clinical practice is built.

In this episode of Barbell Shrugged,  we talk to Dr. Shallow about research clickbait, the 3 pillars of evidence based research, why he thinks the hip thrust is BS (@Bret Contreras), taking ownership of your healthcare, why learning terrifies people, and much more.


– Anders and Doug

Episode Breakdown:

⚡️0-10: Sliding into the DM’s and the hip thrust vs. front squat controversy

⚡️11-20: Research clickbait, the 3 pillars of evidence-based research, and why Dr. Shallow thinks the hip thrust is B.S. (yes, he and Bret Contreras have talked)

⚡️21-30: Injury risk management, the problem with the T-bar row, and knowing why you’re doing specific exercises

⚡️31-40: Knowing if you have a glute stability issue, accuracy vs.stability, and why the deadlift isn’t functional

⚡️ 41-50: Dr. Shallow gets FIRED THE F*** UP about Joe Rogan and the problem with getting caught up in your own dogma

⚡️51-60: Personal responsibility in your health care, how to get stupid people to be self aware, and figuring out how to tell someone what the color blue looks like

⚡️61-70: Holding everyone to the standard of an elite athlete and what the book says vs. what you see in practice

⚡️71-80: The place for barbells and machines in a training programs and the importance of context

⚡️81-90: Breathing as a window into the autonomic nervous system, diet identity, and why learning terrifies people

⚡️91-98: Utilizing training to put you in a creative state and why learning how to learn opens the door to success

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