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Beating the bully inside your head

We all have come across bullies in our lifetimes. 

I can remember those elementary school days. It never failed, there would always some boy or girl that bossed everybody around and made threats. Next comes the fear, which is the only rush any bully is looking for. A cheap thrill.

I don’t know about you, but that kind of thing bothers me till this day. Everybody has that somebody they were afraid of once upon a time. Maybe that bully is still there. In any case, we all know how much it sucks, right?

As you got older you learn that the only way to beat a bully is to stand up and put them in their place. But I got news for you. Taking on a pretend tough guy on the school playground is one thing. But beating the bully between your ears is a real fight. In fact, it’s really more like full on MMA.

When things get tough there will always be a corrupting voice. It will try and convince you that it’s okay to give into pain and impatience. It will tell you about all the things you deserve, and that giving up is fine. You know that voice. I know I hear it every day sometimes. But you and I both know what quitting means. Even if it’s just one workout, one lazy half-ass repetition, one unearned complaint, the act will leave a tiny wound. From that point on you’ll always be more likely to be a quitter and the type of person that cuts corners.


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I don’t know about you, but I find that unacceptable. I’ve been there before. I’ve gone to bed many nights knowing that I had given into fear, or taken a short-cut. That voice was always there to remind me of it. It now had more ammunition for me the next time things got tough, which was never long.

That bully has settled into your mind for one simple reason – You haven’t fought back. It will never go away on its own, and it will continue to overpower you more and more in training, career, life, love, you name it.

The very next time the bully in your head tries to speak up and convince you that it’s okay to quit, I want you to stand up and punch him in the face. Do that by taking immediate action. When you hear the voice reminding you of what you’ve never done, tell it to shut the fuck up! Really, say it out loud if you like. Just make sure no kids are around.

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I can guarantee you, if you just do that a few times you’ll have a habit going. From that point forward you have the upper hand. You just have to keep building the skill of resilience in your life. It’s nothing special. It just comes with practice, like anything.

In all situations, stand up for yourself. Don’t let anyone ever push you around, in any way, whether they’re inside your head or out. The next time you start complaining and doubting yourself in the gym, consider that training, work, and suffering and the act of reforging is a privilege, not a right. The ability to transform yourself into a stronger person not just physically, but in mind, body, and spirit, that is the ultimate gift. Fight back and you can have it.

In all situations, stand up for yourself. Don’t let anyone ever push you around, in any way, whether they’re inside your head or out.

Every minute of the day you have an opportunity to prove that you are an ass-kicker, not just in the gym, but in life. There’s nobody you need to impress, and nothing stopping you from doing whatever it is you want to accomplish. You’ve just got to learn to fight for what you want.

At the end of the day it is you versus YOU.

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  • Wonderful-I had my share of mean girls who teased and picked on me growing up and my little sister(I stood up to a lot of them for her too)-thank you for writing this!

  • Must have been our answer to the bully but the GarageGym crew and I did 20RM Back Squats at 5am. You are never alone LaSalle! Way to inspire the fire and live the code!

    Shine on.

  • Thanks so much for that article it resonates so much for me right now. I am going through some difficulties right now and this pepped me up a bit to know that I’m not alone.

  • Great article. The bully inside is harder to beat than the bully on the outside. 3 weeks after I completed the Sealfit’s 20X challange, I find myself defeating the bully inside more and more. BTW, thanks for your insight on 20X, Sealfit and Cmdr. Divine.

  • The script in my mind can only survive and thrive off suffering, or the mind-identified state of consciousness: fear. I battle this daily and have to be present. I meditate, I continually forgive the past and realize that salvation is here in the NOW. The future is only an illusion, happiness is attainable today.

  • THX soo much all day and every day its a fight in my mind ! I train harder, but when I suck on a WOD it’s a chaos in my mind and when I finish to read this its just like wow ! Im not alone with this freaking probleme ! THX again Chris

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