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Barbell Business – How to Identify Your Gym’s Next Big Opportunity to Improve

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we discuss:

  • Commonly distracting operations tasks that waste time and energy
  • The high-level tasks a gym owner should not lose touch with
  • Game-changing opportunities ALL gyms should put into place to 10x their efficiency

You can double your business by working twice as hard, or you can 10x your business by changing the game completely. That’s the biggest and best advice we could ever give you. . . this week. Since we aired our first Barbell Business Podcast back in 2013 and started conversations with fitness business owners around the world, we quickly realized how much time our fellow gym owners were wasting doing low-skill, highly-draining operations tasks that could be easily automated, delegated, or removed from their business’ processes altogether.

Remember, if it’s not a “hell yeah,” then it’s a “hell no.”

We decided we  made it our business to improve efficiency in every aspect of the gym owner’s life so that we could help them reach their maximum potential, thus creating a world of stronger, healthier, happier people. There are a few ways to identify if your daily tasks fit into either of those categories which is what we’ll be primarily discussing on this show. We also recognize that it’s natural to feel compelled to do some of the tasks that keep you grounded in the business – cleaning the gym for example. If that’s the case, we’d just suggest you delegate it for a month just to see how the extra time can be spent on some of the higher level strategy and growth/retention segments of your business.

We’ll really be diving deep into this topic at the next Barbell Business Workshop in Toronto on June 3-4. See the full event agenda here. Be sure to get your ticket before early registration ends on 5/15/16.

Enjoy the show!

Mike Bledsoe

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