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Everything You Need to Know About Creating Content w/ Stuart Brower- Business of Fitness

Stuart Brauer is a 15-year student of strength and conditioning, and he was fortunate to find CrossFit in 2006; his journey consists of humble beginnings,making three figures and running park workouts to owning a million-dollar gym—Urban MVMNT.In 2015, his gym business was self-sustaining so he ventured into helping other micro-gym owners and built the media handle WTF Gym Talkto help provide solutions for the WTF!#%! moments we all have in our business.

Today Jason sits down with Stuart Brauer (Stu) to lay out tangible toolsgym owners and business owners alike can use to boost their engagement. Having similar backgrounds and much exposure to the fitness industry, Jason and Stuart, provide helpful insight into areas of marketing, community development, and how to stay relevant in the ever-evolving fitness space.

Minute Breakdown:

0-5 –Bootcamp for Business

5-10 –Referrals, Guerilla Marketing, and Operational Decisions

10-15 –Community Connection and Networking

15-20 –Tracking Your Efforts and ROI20-25 –Capitalizing onLocalism

25-30 –Hacks for Creating Great Content

30-35 –Depth vs. Width and Capturing Moments

Work with Stu and see what he’s got cooking at https://www.wtfgymtalk.com/

Find Stuat @wtfgymtalk

Find Jason at @jasonkhalipa

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