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BUBS Naturals, Protein with a Purpose – Business of Fitness #72

Sean Lake is a co-founder of Bubs Naturals and lifelong friend to the great, late Glen “BUB” Doherty, and the BUBs Naturals front line in forging Glen’s legacy. Merging his career experience as a professional athlete, director of global marketing, and entrepreneur, Sean has personally curated the product, communal spirit, and charitable mission that defines the BUBS Naturals brand. 

TJ Terrara is a co-founder and fellow adrenaline and fitness maniac. TJ and Sean connected while competing for bragging rights on the CrossFit floor. TJ’s eighteen plus years in online marketing, operations, and technology gave BUBS Naturals the firepower it needed to launch its direct to consumer model. TJ is the e-commerce mastermind that keeps BUBS’ sales and customer acquisition on the upward trajectory.  


On today’s episode, Jason sits down with the co-founders of BUBS Naturals, Sean and TJ, to talk shop. On the surface Bubs looks like your go-to, all-natural supplement company (which it totally is), but, as you’ll learn on today’s show, is so much more than that. For any of you that have ever worked your way through the hero WOD, “Glen,” you too have paid tribute to the ‘why’ behind BUBS. It is clear that Sean and TJ are the epitome of grassroots business owners that are doing the right thing for the right reasons. The two take listeners through the beginnings of Bubs, their unlikely business choices, how they maintain a healthy business partnership, and what true customer service really is.  


Minute Breakdown: 

0 – 10: Hero WODs and the beginning of Bubs.  

10 – 20: Breaking all business rules and doubling profit anyway. 

20 – 30: Quality checking, digital marketing, and return on investment.  

30 – 40: Connecting with your consumer and writing 6 figure checks. 


Get your hands on Bubs Natural here: https://www.bubsnaturals.com/jason 

Find Bubs Naturals on Instagram: @bubsnaturals 

Make a difference at: www.glendohertyfoundation.org 

Connect with Jason at @jasonkhalipa 

Work with Jason and the NCFIT Collective Crew at https://www.ncfitcollective.fit



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