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Focusing on the Fundamentals w/ Jason Khalipa – Business of Fitness

You may recognize both voices on today’s show, as M.D.V (Matt DellaValle) is a seasoned guest and co-host of the Business of Fitness Podcast. MDV is the Chief Fitness Officer at NCFIT, managing all fitness, coaching, and programming operations worldwide for the company.

Over the past decade, MDV’s journey has taken him a few different directions—coaching at some of the best gyms in the biz (CFNE, Reebok CrossFit ONE, CrossFit ONE Nation & NCFIT), leading seminars as part of CrossFit HQ Staff, and managing fitness partnerships for Reebok INTL. Before all this fitness stuff, MDV earned his law degree from William & Mary Law. He is passionate about coaching, fitness, and American traditional tattoos.

In business, fitness, and life we have the tendency to want to over-complicate things and often end up biting off more than we can chew. Today, Jason and MDV, tackle this concept of the “Novice Curse” (thank you, Greg Glassman, for coining the term), and provide actionable steps athletes, coaches, and business owners can use to capitalize on virtuosity.

Minute Breakdown:

0-5–The “Novice Curse” and how both athletes and coaches struggle with it.

5-10–Simplifying cues and better movement.

10-15–How this relates to business and how to build on fundamentals effectively.

Work with Jason, M.D.V and the NCFit Collective Crew at http://ncfitcollective.fit

Find Jasonat @jasonkhalipa

Find MDV at @m.d.v_




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