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How to Provide the Best Service, Hands Down- Business of Fitness #67

Born in Southern California and raised in Las Vegas, Patric Yumul understands the high standards and precise execution of fine dining.  Joining Mina Group in 2004, Yumul has put into place one of the most comprehensive training programs for Mina Group to date. Focused on creating a culture specific to each restaurant concept, Yumul builds the most enthusiastic service teams with the proper tools and knowledge, respect, responsibility, and guidance. 

Appointed President of Mina Group in February 2011, Yumul brings to this role not only his diligent work ethic, but depth and breadth of knowledge and overall understanding of the restaurant and hospitality industry, from big picture to intricate detail both in front of house and back.  He has been a key factor in the growth of Mina Group, working closely with Michael Mina, taking the company from 4 restaurants, to over 40 today – with many more exciting opportunities to come. 


Yumul first met and began working with Mina in 1999, after an esteemed career path as corporate trainer and then general manager within the Bertolini restaurant organization.  Yumul left the Bertolini group, committed to enhancing his expertise in fine dining, accepting an offer from Mina to open AQUA at the St. Regis Monarch Beach. There he recruited, trained and developed all management and hourly associates.  The next couple of years saw Yumul traveling between southern California, San Francisco and Las Vegas, assisting at AQUA Bellagio, now MICHAEL MINA Bellagio. During this time, Yumul was promoted to operations manager for AQUA Development Corp. 


In 2003, Yumul was tapped by Mina to open and assume the General Manager position at SEABLUE at MGM Grand, the second restaurant to open in the Mina Group organization.  Soon after, Yumul was asked to assume the Vice President of Operations role at Mina Group, responsible for restaurant openings and operations of all Mina Group restaurants. Yumul continues to set the standard for fine dining by creating fun and memorable experiences. 


The Michael Mina restaurants’ sparkling reputations are unparalleled. Today Jason sits down with President of the Michael Mina Group, Patric Yumul, to discuss how the multi-location franchise has managed to streamline consistency across locations and provide a premium service. By promoting growth through structure and leading by example, the Mina Group provides a culture where employees flourish and customers reap the benefits. Whether you’re in the business of fitness, food and beverage, or anywhere in between, today’s episode has tangible takeaways for anyone aiming to be a successful business owner. 


Minute Breakdown

0-5 – Seeking employees goodness and inspiring greatness 

5-10 – Developing systems, procedures, and a sturdy foundation 

10-15 – Assessing talent and working weaknesses 

15-20 – Walking the talk 

20-25 – Leading by example 


Check out the Mina Group: https://www.michaelmina.net 

Find Patric at @patric_yumul 

Find Jason at @jasonkhalipa 

Work with Jason and the NCFIT Collective Crew at ncfitcollective.fit



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