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Body of Knowledge  —  Chapter 2  — Contextual Practice

In chapter 2, Kenny shows the value of context through stories about growing up in a fitness business, playing sports, performing stand up comedy, and becoming a human performance coach. Kenny’s life experience has significantly contributed to the development of the Mastery Method, a philosophy for teaching life lessons through the template of physicality. 


-Kenny and Andy

Having context and foundation

Kenny takes us on the journey of his life and what landed him in his approach to training. Coming from a family of high level swimmers, Kenny has always been drawn to the physical and towards challenge. His experience in martial arts, stand-up comedy, hip-hop, soccer, and performance coaching have allowed him to gain profound insights not only on athletic performance, but the mentality surrounding it.

In this episode Andy draws out some of Kenny’s tools for improvement, perspectives on training, ideologies, methods, and approaches. Kenny and Andy explore sustainability in a movement practice and taking each day at a time, deciding whether it is a performance or a mental toughness day. 

Are your actions contributing to the joy of the world, or the misery.” — Kenny Kane

Key Takeaways

  • Living the dream Often we have a perception of the dream that we want to “live”. It is important to recognize that there can come a point where we have “lived” that dream and that it is ok to pivot towards living a new one.
  • Master the foundations Kenny’s mom was inducted to the swimming hall of fame and is one of the most fierce competitors he has every known. He always admired her motivation to get back to the basics and drill the foundations of her craft.
  • Get to know your why An important component for sustainability, especially in a physical program, is to know why you are doing what you are doing.
  • Mental Agility: Approach training, business, and life with a preparedness Recognize who you are when things get really difficult and have some clarity and definition around that before you get there.
  • Developing a sustainable practice is instrumental to success A practice should not be a daily box that you check, especially training. The main reason people quit something is because they get to a point where they feel like they can’t grow and develop sustainability.

Each day, setting an intentional context, this is a practice day, an opportunity for me to work on things short and long term.” — Kenny Kane

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