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Body of Knowledge  — Epiloge

In the epilogue, Kenny, Andy, and Josh reflect on the experience of creating the inaugural volume of The Body of Knowledge. They share some of the back stories and conversations that went into the first nine chapters with a little humor and a ton of honesty. Kenny also reveals the theme for volume 2 which is due out later this year.


– Kenny and Andy

Embracing Change

Volume one is all about chasing the evergreen idea that humans and our planet are continuously in a state of change. The volume opens with talking through the adaptability of muscle and finishes with the healthcare system, including ideas on preventative health. One of the recurring themes throughout the volume is idea of changing one’s mind. Andy and Kenny are open to the idea that their ideas can and will change over time. Andy, Kenny, and Josh visit each of the episodes, briefly highlighting what they learned from each of the guests throughout the first volume one.

“The very thing that humans cant get away from, change, is something we have to embody in our practices day in and day out.” — Kenny Kane

Key Takeaways

  • Muscle discoveries —  We continually make groundbreaking discoveries specifically in muscle physiology that question what we have held strongly for over 100 years. The understanding that muscle is incredibly adaptable and humans are not “stuck with their genetics.”
  • The big picture  —  Providing a full spectrum of context is critical in developing a long-term sustainable practice. It’s not just about a training program. It must be built around the conversations we have when we walk into the gym. It also needs to be under the umbrella of why the athlete is here in the first place.
  • Debunking the money myth  —  Tremendous resources doesn’t necessarily mean tremendous results. Though high profile and celebrity athletes have the financial means to reach goals quickly, their lifestyle often comes with little free time and excessive responsibility.
  • Willing to Fail  Try and be willing to fail. Be willing to experiment and push your edge. Failing in that test does not have to become part of your identity, but should be viewed as an opportunity to learn.
  • Find a Guide  Even the highest level coaches have coaches often more than one. Find mentors and coaches to help you learn where you want to go and how to get there.

“We gave away a lot of our gold in this volume.” — Dr. Andy Galpin

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