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Barbell Business – Building an Authentic Brand w/ Marcus Dedina Co-Founder of As Rx


  • The story of AsRx
  • How the CrossFit style we know today originated
  • Having the courage to commit to a great idea
  • Our take on branding limitations in the CrossFit industry
  • How to build a truly authentic brand to be embraced by a community

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If you feel like you’re being called to do something other than what you’re doing right now, and you’re waiting for everything to align to make the leap – I have bad news for you: it won’t ever be the right time.

This week we interview our friend and one of the co-owners of AsRx (previously known as Life AsRx) Marcus Dedina. Marcus’ calling to start AsRx in 2008 with his friends in Oahu, HI came so fast and furiously, he didn’t have time to worry about being under qualified to take on a business he really knew nothing about. Just imagine how different your closet would look if he and his team decided to sit back and let someone else design the CrossFit apparel style that that shaped our community’s look and feel. If it kept along the path it was going nearly 10 years ago, we’d still be WODing in skulls, crossbones and flames.

In this interview, Marcus discusses their whirlwind start and instant success, the dark ages that followed, their brand’s recent rebirth, and a ton of lessons he and his team learned along the way.

“Today, we’re pushing the outside world static away,” says Marcus. “We’re getting back to our roots. We believe in culture, we thrive on creativity, and we take great pride in being part of a community that has changed the world for the better. Our mission is to ensure every product we create stays true to those values.”

If you’re looking to create a brand in the CrossFit industry, or your current business is feeling stagnant – you’re definitely not going to want to miss this show. Also, be sure to checkout their new website at AsRx.com and keep an eye on their blog for contests, apparel updates and other cool insights into one of our favorite brands.





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