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Power, Mobility, and Discipline w/ Jesse Burdick – Episode 276

“Lift hard. Laugh harder.” – Jesse Burdick

He’s strong. He’s smart. And, he’s damn good looking! He’s one of the few people who has hit elite total in five different weight classes, Jesse Burdick (@jesseburdick). Jesse is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists (CSCS), Active Release Technique (ART) Therapist, and well respected in the strength community for his insane numbers and big emphasis on mobility.

Jesse has worked alongside industry leaders like Mark Bell and Kelly Starrett. He creates elite athletes and elite coaches in a way that’s enjoyable. Jesse is as serious as it gets when it comes to stepping under the barbell and hitting a lift. But, when it’s not go time, you can find him laughing and having a good time. Jesse discusses how lifting has evolved over the years and where the industry is headed. If you want to get strong, elite level strong, while enjoying the process, Jesse Burdick is your guy!

If you’ve hit a plateau in strength or mass gaining, it’s been rumored that if you licking his head could be the fastest way to strength and weight gain. But, you may want to ask him first. I think you’ll enjoy this conversation; we sure as hell did!


This week on Barbell Shrugged, we interview powerlifter and mobility coach, Jesse Burdick and discuss:

  • Weight Cuts in Powerlifting / Weightlifting
  • Crossfit’s Impact on Lifting
  • Creating a Good Training Environment
  • Having Fun While Working Hard
  • New Trends in the Industry


Mentioned in Episode:

  • Kelly Starrett, “The Supple Leopard”
  • Mark Bell, Super Training Gym. “Strongest Gym in the West”

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