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Barbell Business – How to Buy a Gym w/ Charles Boyett

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Charles Boyett and discuss:

  • Taking the leap from one career path to another
  • Challenges that come with acquiring a failing gym
  • Mending a broken and disconnected culture
  • Charles’ #1 piece of advice for others looking to purchase a gym

A few weeks ago, we interviewed Matt Reynolds of Reynolds Strong to discuss how to sell a gym – well here’s part 2 for those of you wanting to buy one.

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Charles Boyett, a recent graduate of the Barbell Business Workshop, Barbell Logic client, Barbell Masterminder, the new owner of Training Grounds Fitness and Orange Park CrossFit, and one of the most awesome guys you’ll meet anywhere.

Charles had eyes for a career in the fitness industry for many years before he and his wife Jill decided to acquire a failing gym in their area. Since they took the leap mid-2015, it’s been a rollercoaster of challenges, successes, and massive growth. This week’s episode is perfect for any of you aspiring entrepreneurs who are considering purchasing an existing gym.

He covers some of their biggest challenges in learning a completely new business in lightening speed. This included managing messy finances, getting the staff realigned on a new mission, and dealing with the huge overhead that comes with a globo gym/CrossFit box combo.

In the last few months, Charles’ gym has grown from 430 paying members to over 1,100 with a consistent ratio of 25% CrossFitters to 75% regular gym goers. He’s learned to fire himself from as much of the business as possible, and he’s now focusing on what he does best – kissing babies and being a man of the people!

If you want to check out a gym website that works like a machine, check out Charles’ gym Orange Park CrossFit. To learn more about how it works and how the backend operates to automate most of the sales and marketing – visit www.barbelllogic.com and schedule a discovery session with someone on our team. 

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  • Hi i was looking into getting founding for my start up gym, but there was so much problmes in getting founded. So now we’re looking into buying an existing gym for sale califormia. So how or were can we get the founding needed to buy an existing gym. Help please.

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