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Barbell Shrugged  — Mindset of a Champion w/ 2x UFC Champion Dominick Cruz  — 320

 Dominick Cruz is an American mixed martial artist. He fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is a two-time UFC Bantamweight Champion. Cruz was also the final bantamweight titleholder of World Extreme Cagefighting. Known as one of the...

Barbell Shrugged  — Nutrition, Hormones & Coaching w/ Laurie King  — 319

 Laurie Christine King nutritionist, an athlete, and a coach. Laurie pursued a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics partly to remedy her own health issues, including an underactive thyroid and an eating disorder, and partly to put herself in a...

Barbell Shrugged  — Why You Need Fish Oil w/ Evan Demarco  — 318

 Evan DeMarco is a sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms. He is a successful entrepreneur whose interest in diet, health and supplements began as an...

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