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Barbell Business – How To Use Copywriting To Connect W/ Your Best Clients W/ Makena Sage – 142

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Makena Sage. We discuss:

  • How to shift your marketing from feeling “salesy” to authentic
  • Why good copywriting is essential for connecting with your clients
  • How to strategically understand your potential client’s needs and wants
  • How to target the people you want to come in your gym through targeted copywriting

To learn more about what Makena is doing with online marketing, head over to onlinemarketingwithheart.com


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  • Hi! I just listened to this podcast, and you mentioned that there’s a visualization resource that you were going to attach to the blog page and free resources tab but I don’t see it. Can you please post!

    You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for these podcasts!


  • Sorry! Sracth that last comment! I see it above (doh!). I’m used to seeing the video/visual version of your podcasts on the page and assumed the above was just that!

    Thanks again!

  • This has been big for me. After going to prison, I realized I had a lot of wisdom and shared experiences (feeling guilty and going through hardship) that I could use to relate to my audience.

    I’d recommend not just authenticity, but vulnerability. Obviously that’s a part of being authentic, but get into that mindset before writing copy and it can work wonders.

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