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CrossFit Open Workout 15.3 – Tips & Strategy


The 2015 Crossfit Open continues with 15.3, a 14-minute AMRAP of 7 muscle-ups, 50 wall-ball shots, and 100 double-unders. This week the Barbell Shrugged team is back with some tips that will help you perform much better during the WOD.

Of course, we also plan on keeping you entertained. A relaxed athlete is a better athlete, so get all of your neon paraphernalia ready.

Everyone just chill and remember to muscle up slowly. #armdaychamps

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Let’s start with Muscle-Up Technique

This WOD pretty much comes down to the muscle-ups. You either have them, almost have them, or you’re left scaling, right? That’s going to determine the strategy you utilize during 15.3.

Crossfit Games athlete and Barbell Shredded coach Mike McGoldrick shares some awesome strategy tips in this week’s video, but you can get an in-depth look at the muscle-up in this episode of TechniqueWOD.

If you are in the “almost have the muscle-up” group, this information WILL help you perform better.

Nail the Kipping Muscle-Up

 How to Double-Under

The Double-Under is not all that complicated, but still, a technical flaw will cause you to accumulate unnecessary fatigue during the 14-minute WOD. It will add up and impact your time significantly, so before you start, go back and polish up your key cues.

Here’s another episode of TechniqueWOD that will give you all the finer points of double-under’ing with skill. Hop with ease, friends.

 Get your double-under right

Go for it!

If you have any questions about 15.3 leave them in the comments below. We want to help you do your absolute best.

Have fun!



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Chris Moore is a writer, recovering meathead, fledgling raconteur and rabid imbiber. He's also cohost and resident potty mouth on Barbell Shrugged, a weekly podcast devoted to Crossfit, strength, fitness and all things brash. His experience is drawn from over twenty-years spent training for and competing in American Football, Powerlifting, a bit of strongman and a dash of mixed martial arts. Also, it's possible that he's had one too many cups of coffee. A caffeine fever is a hell of a thing, you know?


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