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Awesome deadlift Variations with Cory Gregory – TechniqueWOD


This week on TechniqueWOD, we share some awesome deadlift variations that will help you build take your pulling strength to the next level.

These are all movements that have helped our friend Cory Gregory build his deadlift up to a very impressive 575 pounds at a bodyweight of about 200, which is extraordinary. What’s even more impressive is that he’s built this pulling strength all while squatting heavy for an incredible 470 days in a row!

Just like with his Squat Every Day program, the key to lifting frequently (especially in the deadlift), is to carefully consider movement variation. If you keep lifting the way you’ve always lifted, with the same exercises, then you will keep getting the same results. What’s worse, you will probably get injured in time if you keep neglecting your weaknesses.

A pretty fast 405 standing on two plates with no belt #GETSWOLE phase 6

A video posted by cory gregory (@musclepharmpres) on


In this video, we’ll show you how to tweak the load, your grip and stance width, and even the type of shoes you wear so that you can maximize your training results.

Watch and share this video, and be sure to give some of these exercises a try. They will make you very strong, there’s no doubt.

Move well,


Doug Larson

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