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Barbell Business – Developing a Rockstar Coaching Team w/ Pat Barber

This week on BARBELL BUSINESS, we interview Pat Barber and discuss:

  • How Pat got his career start in the fitness industry
  • Innovatively making people better through effective coaching
  • Hiring and coach training tips and methods
  • What he looks for in awesome coaches
  • The importance of a collective mission

What does it take to be a great coach? What qualities do you need to look for when hiring or developing a team made of A-players? Is it more certifications or great programming abilities? Can great coaches be trained for greatness or is it a personality trait they need to have from day 1?

Pat Barber, Co-owner of Warmup & Workout and Head of Coaches Development at NorCal CrossFit discusses how he went from CrossFit Games athlete to fitness entrepreneur specializing in the development of rockstar coaches. He believes the success of a gym depends on the quality of the coaches, not the programming.

He and his wife, Taz, have created a pretty amazing business which turns so-so coaches into good coaches and then great coaches into highly sought after professionals. They also write the programming so your coaches can focus on developing themselves to be the most inspirational and motivational team in their region.

For more info on how they go about doing this, listen to the show obviously, then head over to their website Warmup & Workout. 

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