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Episode 271 | John Wolf

Total Human Optimization with John Wolf – Episode 271

This week we traveled to Onnit Academy in Austin, Texas, to talk to their Chief Fitness Officer, John Wolf. Onnit’s mission is to help people achieve total human optimization, and John’s the one to get you there.

He’ll be the first to tell you that movement and training is just a part of total human optimization. You might know Onnit best from their nutrition supplements and fitness accessories (like these kettlebells, for example). When John was brought on as CF[itness]O, he was tasked with creating a system that incorporated everything Onnit was already doing — and to use all the information available to make the best humans.

John’s focus is conscious movement practice, the one thing that’s non-negotiable when clients come to train with him. Longevity and performance go hand-in-hand at Onnit Academy, because the person who can stay in the game the longest is going to be the most fit.

In this week’s episode, John gets into some solid, specific technical about how to make your movement more efficient. At Onnit, they love working with all kinds of athletes: They don’t care what the application is; movement is movement. And, as John points out, the most incredible athletes often do not have the best movement — they’re often very good compensators.

Learn how to train better longer, in season and out, by reprogramming your dialogue with your body in order to achieve the best, most sustainable performance.

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This Week on Barbell Shrugged, We Interview John Wolf to Discuss:

  • Unconventional training and tools, and why they work
  • Neuroplasticity, and how changing the way you move changes the way you think
  • How to bring all your fitness practices together to create the best system of total health
  • What specific things you can do to move better today

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